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Cynthia Engstrom-Wise Portfolio

I am excited to showcase my work in both instructional design and video editing. As evidenced by social media, video is king. I love incorporating my video editing expertise into learning experiences.

How to Install a CPU into a Motherboard

This Articulate Storyline course walks you through what a CPU is and what a motherboard is. It then shows you how to install a CPU into a motherboard using video as a learning tool. The adaptive quiz gives you harder or easier questions based on your previous question result.

How to Install 8 Wireless Interconnected Smoke Detectors

Let's talk about how to protect yourself from smoke and fire in your home. In this video, I will show you how to set up and install eight wireless interconnected smoke detectors with CO detection and voice alarms.

Y0024_W_TN_Installing Wireless Smoke Detectors_edited.jpg

How to Delete a Family Member Profile from Alexa Account

You may want to know how to delete a family member profile from your Alexa Account (Amazon Households or not). You may have an ex's profile on your Alexa account. A friend may have come over and created a stupid profile on your Echo. Or, you could have a deceased family member you would like to remove from your Alexa app. I will show you exactly how to delete a profile from Amazon Alexa.

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